Lloyd’s bank event 2020 - ‘How to hire an apprentice’

Our team here at BW Marketing (team of two) were invited to share our journey of how we became BW and the process of hiring our first apprentice at Lloyd’s bank event. Which of course was centred around the idea of hiring an apprentice.

The event was on the 28th of January and started at 9 am. 

As you may know (or may not know) BW’s first hire was, in fact, our Apprentice Shannen Davies so it seemed fitting to share our journey of starting up our business and taking that first scary step of hiring someone.

Summary of BW Marketing’s story: 

  • Founder Chris Bardsley attended Manchester University where he studied Business, during his placement year at Unibox, this opened his eyes to the world of digital marketing. 
  • Chris joined full time at Unibox after he graduated university.
  • After 5 years went by Chris moved to an agency, which he remained there for 2 years.
  • After 2 years, Chris moved to another agency, and it was there that he decided he would create his own agency and work for himself. 
  • BW Marketing was born in April 2018, 12 months after joining his second agency and deciding to leave. 

When BW Marketing was born, Chris already had 3 clients to get to work on.

Work continued to thrive, gaining even more clients, resulting in BW winning the ‘start-up business of the year’ award at the Oldham business awards in April 2019 – just 1 year after it was established.

After 18 month’s of running BW Marketing solo, Chris really needed an extra pair of hands to help his digital agency continue to grow. 

That’s when Chris came across the Juice Academy (Digital marketing apprenticeship programme) which would include support and training from professionals at The Juice academy’s parent company; ‘Tangerine Communications’ for all apprentices employed. 

After attending the Bootcamp in August 2019, BW Marketing hired their first apprentice employee, Shannen Davies. 

 4 – 5 months have passed and Shannen is getting to grips with the basics of all things digital marketing and even managing her own client’s social media pages and coming up with strategies for their ongoing marketing campaigns!

Being invited to this event meant that we could share the journey of BW Marketing whilst also sharing our experience with the process of hiring an apprentice and how it’s benefited us bringing Shannen into the company.

If you would like to hire an apprentice, we have provided some links of companies that can help:

  • The Growth Company  –  Not-for-profit organisation helping businesses grow, skills, employment and more…
  • Juice Academy –  Digital marketing apprenticeship programme
  • Lloyd’s Banking Group  – They help small business and have several events which are really beneficial for small businesses and other industries so sign up to their next event.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us!