How to build your brand on Facebook

I imagine you’ve created a Facebook page for your company because you want to reach a wider audience, become relevant and noticed online in this decade of digital.

If a company doesn’t have a social media account it can seem pretty strange for people… but it’s no use just having a social media account to do nothing with it. You need to build your brand, grab your audience’s attention and maybe even score a few clients along the way, well that’s the goal with having a business social media account anyway.

But how do you build a brand on Facebook you ask?

Well, I’ve composed a few steps that can help make your brand more established on Facebook and most importantly, how to do it, so, without further ado…

Who's your target audience?

Know your audience 

Knowing what type of audience actually engages with your feed will help you to define who to target your products/services to.

For example, if you own a shop that sells custom bikes you want to be targeting people who either follow bike brands, ride a bike or are interested in purchasing one not someone who enjoys swimming…

Write a mission statement 

In your bio, you can write a mission statement. The purpose of this statement is to help establish to your audience who your brand is and what your brand represents. 

Your mission statement should include your companies values, messages and your brand’s purpose, whilst also achieving your brand’s tone of voice. This will help to define who you are to your target audience. 

Define ur USP 

Think, what is unique about your company? 

Knowing what sets you apart from your competitors will usually help you to build your brand and make your messaging clearer to your target audience through your online posts.

What do you offer that your competitors don’t?

Look at your competitors.  Notice what you offer that they don’t and channel this through your facebook posts and in your bio. 

Having a tone of voice is so important for an audience to build trust  in your company

Establish a voice

A brand should be consistent in their posts, voice, messaging and values. Depending on what your company and brand are; by establishing your voice and being consistent with how you deliver this tone over your posts will help to build your brand online.

This way, your target audience will be able to connect and engage once knowing what to expect from your company.

You may not understand what I mean by ‘tone of voice’ but just think about your brand and how you want to be perceived online to your audience.

Going back to the example of being an owner of a custom bike shop, the tone of voice could be enthusiastic or excited to coincide with the idea of adventure and fun that comes along with owning your own bike.

Post regularly and interact with others. 

Some companies still don’t understand the importance of posting regularly OR just don’t have the time. If you’re posting once a week or even worse, once a month, the likelihood is your post is probably getting lost in people’s feed, meaning you aren’t receiving high engagements from your target audience. 

By posting daily and regularly enables your posts to actually be seen by your audience and not get lost in their feeds. Allowing you more opportunity to have increased engagements and interactions on your posts.

Also, a little tip: by liking a lot of other accounts posts and comments will enable you to be seen on other people timelines and feed, meaning your brand will be noticed more if you’re liking and sharing other’s posts, it’s like they say, what goes around comes around. win-win.

Another little tip: Timing your posts for when your audience is most active online will enable you to get maximum interactions. This could be the case of trial and error however, once you know the time and day that your online audience is most active online will benefit in helping to build your brand on Facebook.

Be interactive and engaging online

Be interesting and informative

There’s nothing worse than a brand who adopts the persona of the ‘sales robot’ on each and every one of their Facebook posts. Not everything should be about pushing sales because let’s face it, people get bored… and with boredom comes disengagement and you don’t want that, especially for your brand. 

That’s why you need to take full advantage to try to embody the values of your brand into your posts but also be interesting, informative and humorous.


Well, what draws the most attention to a post?

The answer:

By being slightly different from other brands and being interesting and informative can really help build your brand and stand out to your online audiences, maybe even score you an extra client? Who knows…

Hopefully, you now can be on your way to start building your brand on Facebook, if you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us!