If you're new to digital marketing, it can be quite daunting at first…

Not knowing what it is or how it can benefit your business is common, especially if you are a smaller business who are just finding their feet. But once you understand the concept of what digital marketing really is, it can be rather straightforward, easy to apply to your own business and can really benefit you in the long run.

You may already have heard of digital marketing, realised how useful it can be for your business, but are just unsure where to start. 

Believe me, it’s not as hard as it seems…I was in the exact same position just over three weeks ago, when I started my apprenticeship. Although I had been running my own blog and using social media to promote it, I’d never heard of SEO and had never written anything in an attempt to ‘sell’ or convince someone to do something. So being introduced to BW’s clients, and understanding how we helped them, was a new experience.

Digital marketing plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness

Let’s start at the very top:What is digital marketing?

Well, for those of you who don’t know, this consists of;

Marketing a company, product or its services online, whilst aiming to get in front of your target audience.

Digital marketing plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness by using the internet via social media, google, etc. which also leads to driving website traffic and acquiring more customers. 

The different ways of reaching your audience, in digital-marketing-speak, are called ‘channels’. The main channels we use in digital marketing are:

  • Social media
  • Websites
  • Adverts
  • Video
  • Content marketing
  • Search engines

All of which can help grow your business’ awareness and online presence.

Digital Marketing can be quite intimidating at first...

My experience with digital marketing:

Speaking as a new digital marketing apprentice I’m fairly new to the digital marketing world and what it all entails. I knew how to use social media and I had experience with content writing and blogging before I started my apprenticeship but nothing more complex than that. 

It can be rather intimidating at first especially if you aren’t familiar with the jargon that comes with digital marketing.  I was baffled by what everything meant at first, but four weeks in, I understand how Google works in order to help your website be recognised on search results and the foundation of what SEO is and I’m a beginner, so there is no reason why you can’t understand the basics too!

Understanding digital marketing does take time but it isn’t as difficult or complex as you may think it is, once you know what exactly it is it can be easy to include the basic principles of digital marketing to improve your online presence. 

Although I have only begun my journey in digital marketing, this is what I have been working on so far:

Content creation

So far, I have written blogs for my digital agency as well as a client, although I am comfortable with writing blogs as I have my own, learning about clients companies and altering your writing to the style they want to fit their brand can be rather challenging in itself  but with practice it is getting easier and easier.

Learning about SEO

SEO is a massive factor in digital marketing and provides the most effective way to reach new audiences whilst ensuring that companies are seen on Google.

Social media posts: 

I have scheduled and written clients and our agencies’ social media posts, which is important in order to increase the companies awareness, posting regularly can increase the chances of customers noticing your business and connections.

So because I have done these tasks, here's what I recommend you do:

  • Learn the basics 

First things first, If you’re going to incorporate digital marketing into your plan for online success you need to learn the basics of what digital marketing is and understand what it’s essentially made up of. 

A great resource is Google’s Digital Garage which provides a variety of online courses for digital marketing which varies from ‘the fundamentals of digital marketing’ to ‘how customers can find you online’. 

I assure you after you have researched digital marketing and learned the basics,  it will be much clearer to you. 

  • Set up social media accounts 

Social media is an amazing tool to use in order to promote your business in front of your target audience.

If you aren’t using it all ready for your business, I would suggest that you set up a LinkedIn profile as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are all really easy to use and the best part is that social media is free! 

It’s very effective in ensuring you are being seen by your target audience and is useful in seeing who actually engages with your account and what you post through their analytics. 

  • Make the most of your website

We’ve all probably heard of SEO, but don’t know what it means exactly…

When I first started in my role here at BW, I didn’t know what SEO was but read blogs about what exactly it was on MOZ, which really helped me understand how search engines work, and what makes a positive difference when trying to move your way up the rankings.

However, rather than explain what it is, you can read about SEO on one of our earlier blogs, where I explain what it is and why it’s important.

Through learning about SEO I found that understanding the fundamentals, not just heading into a website and trying to fill it with keywords, really helped me grasp what search engines look for and how keywords definitely aren’t all there is to SEO!

I recommend you give it a read as it’s super helpful and useful in widening your knowledge.

Once you have done all of this it can contribute to ensuring you results that you need in order for your business to grow:

Digital marketing can be very effective in growing your business. In the weeks that I’ve worked here, I’ve witnessed the number of leads that can be generated for even the most niche of businesses. 

So now it’s your turn. Give our tips a try, and if you need some help – just give me a shout.